"Not only does The Odigo Group create innovative and impactful digital marketing materials, the entire team is well versed in the partner ecosystem and understands exactly how to position messages to resonate with customers, strategic partners, and resellers. In a competitive marketplace, the key to capturing your audience’s attention is differentiating your solution—which is why we use The Odigo Group to help us think outside the box and deliver high-quality assets that resonate with partners and customers."  Global Enterprise | Partner Marketing

"94% average engagement rate for content created and aggregated by The Odigo Group, as compared to a 1‒3% industry average engagement rate for similar content."
Global Enterprise | Digital Content for a targeted partner marketing platform
"4x increase in revenue compared to the same month last year—in the first 30 days after The Odigo Group started managing our social media marketing."
Small Business | Food Services
"40% increase in revenue compared to the same month last year—in the first month of our marketing engagement with The Odigo Group."
 Small Business | Construction Services
"We earned a profit in our first month after the launch of our small business and gained local media attention thanks to the digital marketing efforts of The Odigo Group! We didn’t expect to be profitable for several months … this is not a low-overhead business."
Small Business | Transportation Services
"We’ve been working with The Odigo Group since our Grand Opening event three years ago. The Grand Opening sale they helped us promote was bigger than we ever imagined and set a high bar for single-day sales. Each year since, our Anniversary Sale has grown by 18% and 15% in revenue, thanks to The Odigo Group’s marketing efforts!"
Small Business | Retail
"This was the best [event] I have had in many years! I made actual sales pursuit progress with just about every customer with whom I met, including gaining actual commitments from the customer that [our solution] is their first choice, sealed by our presence. My pipeline certainly grew and advanced as a result of [this event]."
Global Enterprise | Sales
"The Odigo Group understands how content resonates with end customers. In fact, within the first six months of launching an automated social marketing platform for our partner channel, we were able to achieve the following results with digital content produced by The Odigo Group and optimized for our platforms:
  • 1M impressions and growing 40% month over month.
  • 169K clicks and growing 38% month over month.
  • 118 leads generated for 56 partners."
Global Enterprise | Digital Content for a targeted partner marketing platform
"The Odigo Group was critical in helping me scale a new, digital-driven approach to empowering through-partner marketing and sales lead gen. Their expertise in project management, content creation, and overall marketing strategy was just what I needed to exercise the partner-obsession and bias for action necessary to create a program and new paradigm from scratch that is now used by thousands of Microsoft distribution partners around the world."
Global Enterprise | Partner Marketing
"The Odigo team remained calm, cool, and collected while facing last-minute changes and requests. Their disposition inspired confidence and assurance that all aspects were being taken care of. During the event, I felt like they were reading my mind—they were ON IT! I really appreciated how friendly and pleasant the team was to be around!"
Global Enterprise | Event Marketing