Sometimes, we get so focused on the business of developing new products, services, and solution offerings, or defining target customers and strategic partnerships, that we forget to focus on the people who make the magic of our business happen on a daily basis. Your team members are crucial to your success. Investing in your business’ future means investing in your team members. Let your mindful business journey begin here!


Excellent product developers are not always excellent people developers. Fantastic project managers are not always fantastic people managers. Incredible entrepreneurs are not always incredible team leaders. Executives often find themselves in leadership positions, yet they may lack the leadership skills to ensure their own success and the success of their teams. Our coaches can help executives become better leaders. We’ll help you:

  • Master a leadership mindset and stay present in your actions.

  • Connect to your purpose and identify your core values.

  • Identify your strengths, values, and purpose.

  • Explore how to use your meaningful foundation to create fulfillment and inspiration—in life and in work.


Investing in leaders makes your business stronger. We often find that strong individual contributors become team leaders although they’ve never had any formal management training. Or sometimes, managers have had management training, but little experience with the team or project they’re asked to lead. Even with the best intentions, there is often misalignment between leaders and teams. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Let us help you:

  • Discover your leadership facets and execute on your career path.

  • Develop your authentic leadership style and identify your best self by developing core confidence.

  • Inspire others with conscious leadership and mindful communications.

  • Navigate career transitions and manage change.


Your team culture will have significant impact on your team’s success. Investing in your team dynamics is an invaluable way to develop motivated individuals, cohesive teams, and a healthy corporate culture. Our fun, interactive, and experiential workshops can help your teams:

  • Experience a safe learning environment for discussion and practice.

  • Use tools and methodologies to help shift mindsets, re-ignite career passion, and help participants learn to be effective and inspirational leaders.

  • Create community and strengthen the network between participants.

  • Encourage individuals to learn from one another, develop accountability, and create a common culture and language among participants.