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Client Success

Hear from our clients and partners, explore case studies, and learn more about the impact and ROI of past Odigo engagements.


Don’t take our word for it. Read what our clients have to say about engaging with our team.  

The Odigo Group understands how content resonates with end customers. In fact, within the first six ...

The Odigo Group understands how content resonates with end customers. In fact, within the first six months of launching an automated social marketing platform for our partner channel, we were able to achieve the following results with digital content produced by The Odigo Group and optimized for our platforms: 1M impressions and growing 40% month over month, 169K clicks and growing 38% month over month, and 118 leads generated for 56 partners.

Global Enterprise, Digital Content for a targeted partner marketing platform


Not only does The Odigo Group create innovative and impactful digital marketing materials, the ...

Not only does The Odigo Group create innovative and impactful digital marketing materials, the entire team is well versed in the partner ecosystem and understands exactly how to position messages to resonate with customers, strategic partners, and resellers. In a competitive marketplace, the key to capturing your audience’s attention is differentiating your solution—which is why we use The Odigo Group to help us think outside the box and deliver high-quality assets that resonate with partners and customers.

Global Enterprise


We earned a profit in our first month after the launch of our small business and gained local media ...

We earned a profit in our first month after the launch of our small business and gained local media attention thanks to the digital marketing efforts of The Odigo Group! We didn’t expect to be profitable for several months … this is not a low-overhead business.

Small Business, Transportation Services


We’ve been working with The Odigo Group since our Grand Opening event three years ago. The Grand ...

We’ve been working with The Odigo Group since our Grand Opening event three years ago. The Grand Opening sale they helped us promote was bigger than we ever imagined and set a high bar for single-day sales. Each year since, our Anniversary Sale has grown by 18% and 15% in revenue, thanks to The Odigo Group’s marketing efforts!

Small Business, Retail


The Odigo Group was critical in helping me scale a new, digital-driven approach to empowering ...

The Odigo Group was critical in helping me scale a new, digital-driven approach to empowering through-partner marketing and sales lead gen. Their expertise in project management, content creation, and overall marketing strategy was just what I needed to exercise the partner-obsession and bias for action necessary to create a program and new paradigm from scratch that is now used by thousands of Microsoft distribution partners around the world.

Global Enterprise, Partner Marketing


This was the best [event] I have had in many years! I made actual sales pursuit progress with just ...

This was the best [event] I have had in many years! I made actual sales pursuit progress with just about every customer with whom I met, including gaining actual commitments from the customer that [our solution] is their first choice, sealed by our presence. My pipeline certainly grew and advanced as a result of [this event].

Global Enterprise, Sales


The Odigo team remained calm, cool, and collected while facing last-minute changes and requests. ...

The Odigo team remained calm, cool, and collected while facing last-minute changes and requests. Their disposition inspired confidence and assurance that all aspects were being taken care of. During the event, I felt like they were reading my mind—they were ON IT! I really appreciated how friendly and pleasant the team was to be around!

Global Enterprise, Event Marketing


Wow! Your team actually writes content - unlike the other vendors we've worked with who just ...

Wow! Your team actually writes content - unlike the other vendors we've worked with who just repackage what we send them. Thank you for applying original thought and providing quality content for our marketing budget.

CMO, Global Technology Company


Case studies

Take a look at various success stories and key performance indicators we’ve measured across projects to understand our impact.

A leader in no-code business automation solutions witnesses an uptick in conversions with Odigo-driven digital marketing campaigns.

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Driving brand awareness for an industry-leading eSignature solution

airSlate’s child company, signNow, is a cloud-based provider of electronic signature technology developed in the United States. The company’s software-as-a-service platform enables individuals and businesses to sign and manage document workflows from any device.


Improving competitive positioning through a targeted, role-specific digital campaign

In order to improve competitive positioning, signNow wanted to launch a highly targeted digital ad campaign focusing on HR departments across the nation. The primary objective of the campaign was to disrupt how HR departments today conduct administrative tasks and manage various document workflows, from new hire paperwork to NDAs, contractor agreements, PTO forms, off-boarding documents and more.


Partnering with the Odigo Group to launch a gated digital signNow for HR campaign workflow

airSlate decided to partner with the Odigo Group to drive the digital execution of their signNow for HR campaign.

Goals for the gated digital marketing campaign

  • Drive brand awareness through customer reach.
  • Build credibility through meaningful digital impressions.
  • Build trust with existing and potential customers with gated assets.

Created campaign assets

  • eBook
  • Landing page
  • Thank you page
  • Follow-up response email
  • Social graphics optimized for LinkedIn, Facebook, and Google Display Ads
  • Animated mini-commercial


The Odigo Group helped airSlate achieve outstanding results.

Success Metrics

  • Captured 20.6 leads per week as tracked by number of gated eBook downloads on the newly designed landing page hosted by the Odigo Group.
  • Observed an average weekly ad spend of $600 on Google.
  • Achieved an average Click-Through Rate (CTR) that is 2.4% higher than industry average for only 50% of the average Cost Per Click (CPC), resulting in a Cost Per Lead (CPL) that is a mere 19% of the average cost.

I thoroughly enjoy working with the Odigo Group. Whether it's helping to build out a channel strategy, launch a new program or drive customer demand the Odigo Group delivers! They are strategic in their thinking but all about execution and constantly deliver a wow. I also appreciate their attention to detail and the reporting they deliver so I am able to easily share data and insights with my company so we can continue to learn and grow. Their project managers are top notch and I also never have to worry about who is assigned to my next project.

Margie Gradwohl, Senior Director of Partner Marketing at airSlate

Microsoft ISV Partners receive custom go-to-market assets to accelerate sales with Microsoft co-branded content

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A new Microsoft co-marketing program launched in FY21

To help select ISVs (independent software providers) bring their Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) integrated solutions to market faster, the Microsoft Azure Active Directory Partner Team launched a new pilot program for 35 ISVs. These ISV Partners were chosen to receive custom go-to-market materials to support the joint positioning and selling of their products integrated with Azure AD.

35 Partners were onboarded into the new Azure Active Directory GTM Pilot Program in FY21.


A need to tell a “better together” story

The ISV Partners that were onboarded into the program already had offerings in market with a handful of marketing collateral on hand to explain the value of their security solutions. However, when it came to selling partner solutions to organizations that have long been operating on a Microsoft technology stack, both the partners and sellers saw an opportunity for improvements; there was a notable lack of marketing materials that could support co-selling efforts.

To fill the need to build assets that clearly tell the added value of integrating partner solutions with Azure AD and help partners accelerate sales, Microsoft launched a GTM Partner Campaign Pilot to showcase partner solutions that integrate with Azure AD.

When it comes to telling a joint story about the value of a partner’s solution integrating with Microsoft Azure Active Directory, there was an opportunity to create joint marketing materials.


The Odigo Group crafted co-branded, customer-ready content for Microsoft Partners

Microsoft worked with The Odigo Group as the vendor to create and deliver GTM materials for 35 Microsoft ISV Partners, designing assets according to each partner’s brand guidelines and style with the addition of Microsoft branding and messaging.

GTM materials included a Customer-ready Pitch Deck, featuring relevant market dynamics, customer pains, as well as a joint Solution Overview with case studies and measurable company statistics. Partners also had the option to select one additional piece of content, such as an eBook, Solution Brief, or Infographic.


The Odigo Group helped sales teams better position their offerings

ISV Partners received customer-ready pitch decks that visually articulated the value of integrating partner solutions with Azure AD. With the inclusion of approved Microsoft co-branded content, partners could help their sales teams better position their offerings to Microsoft customers. The decks also provided an opportunity for partners to distribute marketing materials to Microsoft field sellers who could utilize the information when conducting customer conversations on the partner’s behalf.

Both documents look great! You did a really nice job of capturing the market opportunity, top advantages of Microsoft and [our company], and the customer value. Thanks for all your hard work. We're excited to see customers' reactions!

Identity Alliance ISV Partner

Thank you very much for the great collaboration and being patient with all our change requests! Very happy and proud of the final result. Please extend our thanks to the team involved. These high-quality marketing assets will really enable us to educate customers and prospects about this new exciting integration and drive joint opportunities.

Identity Alliance ISV Partner

The results are great! It was a pleasure working together.

Identity Alliance ISV Partner

Private country club drives member engagement and reaches membership cap within months of engaging with The Odigo Group.

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Streamlining member communications through an easy-to-use platform

The Useless Bay Golf & Country Club, a provider of exceptional golf, recreational, and dining facilities, wanted to establish better communications with existing Club members through their weekly membership emails and monthly newsletters.


Disconnected platforms limited opportunities for member engagement

The Club struggled to navigate their existing IT and marketing automation systems. With limited time and resources, it was difficult to juggle different platforms and create space to craft compelling marketing content. Running email campaigns was inefficient and time consuming, and they lacked the expertise in-house to update newsletter templates and manage monthly social calendars. What’s more, they also had limited visibility into how their existing marketing efforts were performing, lacking reporting insights from their current platforms. This resulted in decreased member engagement and a difficulty to engage prospective members.


A simple, easy-to-use microsite for all member communication

By partnering with The Odigo Group, Useless Bay Golf & Country Club was able to create a microsite for their newsletter to give members a simple, easy way to access all information for the Club in a single space. They could also rebrand their weekly emails to make them more consumable, fun, and easy to digest for members, and they leveraged the weekly event content to create engaging social calendars.


Impressive success metrics

Since partnering with The Odigo Group in 2021, Useless Bay Golf & Country Club has seen the following success metrics:

  • Reached membership cap within three months.
  • Achieved email engagement rates that are 2x above the industry average.
  • Developed a microsite to inform membership about upcoming golf tournaments, engaging members in an up-to-date leaderboard throughout the golf season.

A small-town seafood restaurant experiences dramatic increase in revenue with a new social media strategy and redesigned website in place.

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Attention from local media sources led to an increase in demand

The Shrimp Shack is a seafood restaurant on Fidalgo Island with a long-standing reputation for selling fresh-caught shrimp by the pound in addition to their vast menu, including their famous Oyster Burger, a Dungeness Crab Cake Burger, and more. With growing popularity and increased attention from local media news sources in recent years, The Shrimp Shack was ready to increase their brand’s presence on social media and up-level the face of their website.


Finding time to focus on promoting and maintaining their brand became increasingly more difficult

The Shrimp Shack was nominated for a variety of local and statewide awards in 2019 including the Best Restaurant in the North Sound in the Best of Western Washington’s Viewers Choice poll by King 5 Evening News. The increase in awareness of their restaurant drove additional traffic to their doors. And while the team was thrilled with the influx of new customers, this meant they had less time available to promote their brand on social media and manage their website themselves.


Engaging with The Odigo Group as their dedicated marketing team

By partnering with The Odigo Group, The Shrimp Shack was able to:

  • Fully revamp their website.
  • Drive a variety of PR initiatives that earned them recognition from King 5 News for the 2019 Best Restaurant of North Sound Award.
  • Participate in a feature on HGTV.
  • Drive overall brand awareness around Whidbey Island and beyond.


An engaged and returning customer base resulting in increased revenue year over year

From the initial engagement in 2019 until present, The Shrimp Shack has witnessed the following success metrics with The Odigo Group:

  • 50% increase in overall revenue in 2019.
  • 60% increase in year-over-year revenue in 2020.
  • Double the social media following on Facebook and Instagram with continuous growth year-over-year.
  • Continuous engagement rates across platforms that continue to perform above the industry average.
  • The grand opening of The Shrimp Shack’s Swag Shop in 2021, increasing profits with the addition of retail gifts and merchandise.

What’s more, with the advent of the COVID-19 virus in 2020, The Shrimp Shack was able to quickly pivot their business to continue serving their customers thanks to the flexibility of their team and their inbound marketing efforts. This allowed them to win the Best Seafood Restaurant category in Skagit’s Best in 2020.

The Odigo Group has absolutely transformed our business. Not only have we seen an increase in demand each year, but our customers are loyal to us – both in person and online. We have been able to foster a genuine community through our social media since we began working with Odigo. Our customers not only engage with us at our storefront but spread the word online as well.

Ryan Haines, Owner of the Shrimp Shack

Local HVAC retailer sees direct sales after executing an 8-week paid campaign with The Odigo Group.

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Opportunity to offer significant rebates on new installation services

Island Ductless Heat Pumps, an environmentally conscious ductless heat pump retailer intent on reducing our world’s carbon footprint, wanted to offer additional rebates on ductless heat pump installations to their prospects.


Dedicating time to attracting new customers during their busiest time of the year

The rebates were being offered at the height of their busy season, which meant they couldn’t afford to dedicate time to fielding existing customer needs while finding and converting new customers with the exclusive rebate offers.


Engaging with The Odigo Group to execute a paid ad campaign

By partnering with The Odigo Group, Island Ductless Heat Pumps drove an 8- week rebates campaign on Google Display Network and Google Search.


Accelerating sales and landing new customers

Since partnering with The Odigo Group in 2019, we have seen the following success metrics:

  • 3.7x higher Click-Through Rate (CTR) than campaign estimates.
  • Increase in traffic driven from a paid Google Search campaign, leveraging their existing SEO. 
  • 10 closed sales achieved directly from the Google Search campaign.

[The Odigo Group has] been very successful in helping our company have a much more focused and planned approach to marketing. We have worked together to try many different forms of marketing ‒ especially in the digital realm. Odigo has been great in helping us figure out what actually works in driving new customers to us. We have seen a steady rise in customers contacting us over the internet. The vast majority of requests for our services now come online. Odigo has also helped us with staying in contact with our customers with a steady stream of blogs, seasonal emails, emergency messages, and case studies.

David Gray, Owner

Success Metrics


Average engagement rate for content created and aggregated by The Odigo Group as compared to a 1–3% industry average engagement rate for similar content.

Global Enterprise, Digital Content for a targeted partner marketing platform

Increase in revenue compared to the same month the previous year—within the first 30 days after The Odigo Group started managing social media marketing.

Small Business, Food Services

Increase in revenue compared to the same month the previous year—within the first month of marketing engagement with The Odigo Group.

Small Business, Construction Services

Celebrating Our Team’s Success

We are humbled by our continued growth and success that is only made possible by the talent and dedication of our team. Take a look at our team’s latest achievements and recognition.

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